Benefits Offered By Game- Based Learning

The concept of gaming has been a controversial one ever since its inception in the 1970s. Although they were introduced in the form of arcade games in the earlier years, they have evolved a lot since then. Today it is possible for anyone to play free online room escape games with different users in different corners of the world from the comfort of their home. However, they are still perceived with a slight distrust by most parents. It is time to see whether these games can actually benefit your kids in one way or another. After all, online games are here to stay and will not be going away anytime soon!

Parents and educators need to change their perception that online gaming is bad for a child’s development. There are several different benefits offered by game-based learning. Of course, there is no taking away the fact that screen time needs to be monitored, as it can have a detrimental effect on their eyesight as well as concentration levels, but nevertheless, gaming helps enhance a child’s development and learning skills. Here are few ways how gaming can improve your child’s skills:

  • Improve Memory Capacity

Most games require its players to memorize a lot of details like which controls to use, different key combinations for different moves and so on. This forces the players to remember these particular details in order to finish the game successfully. The children start using their brain cells to memorize plenty of details while gaming. This particular skill can be carried over to their daily life as well, thereby helping them succeed in learning normal life skills.

  • Computer Fluency

With technology basically taking over every art of life, it has become even more critical for kids to master the art of using a computer as early as possible. Playing games allows children to pick up these skills faster than ever before. There are several websites that offer games specifically designed to teach kids the basic skills of using a keyboard and a mouse properly. They also teach kids about browsing, internet navigation, username and passwords and so on.

Better Problem Solving Skills

Games require its players to think ahead and solve each problem logically and quickly. This helps kids learn how to use their logic in order to arrive at a solution for real life problems as well. Many kids have even attribute gaming to being able to think outside of the box as they grow up. So if you want your kid to have the ability to be able to face any problem without fear, it is time to hand over the game controller!

  • Improves Hand Eye Coordination

Games require its players to us

e a keyboard or keypad to play the game, and therefore kids learn better hand eye coordination very fast. This is due to the fact that they need to look at the screen and use their hands accordingly to press the right keys or key combination to succeed in the game. As kids improve their hand eye coordination, it also helps them to learn life skills faster in the real world.

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