Using Games In The Medical Field

Gaming is often associated with passing the time and enjoying their time with friends. However, with the huge technological advancement in the past couple of years, medical professionals are viewing games differently. Games can be used to bridge the gap between medicine, entertainment, education and medicine as well. According to recent studies, the majority of medical professionals believe that gaming can help change the view towards healthcare. It will help patients to look after health better and help doctors to improve their medical skills as well.

The introduction of interactive technology has made it possible for gaming and healthcare to be closely correlated. There are several different games related to healthcare available for different platforms like computers, video game consoles, mobiles, online tv, CDs, DVDs and so on. These games are being used by doctors to help patients overcome their trauma and reconnect with the outside world.

Games fall into different categories and they can be classified into 5 different types that can assist the medical industry in improving healthcare options for patients:
· Mind Games
Plenty of mind games like puzzles, escape room games, logic games are available online that can help improve the cognitive and emotional health of a human being. Medical professionals are even using these games to treat mental disorders and disabilities these days. It prepares these patients to be able to tackle different issues in their lives from a more logical point of view.

· Motion Games
Motion games tend to get the players up and moving about. Since motion games track the movement and reaction of the player using sensors, it makes it very useful to reduce weight for obese patients and even learn how to overcome different disorders and disabilities. Several gaming companies offer motion games like Just Dance, Kinect Sports, Wii Fit and so on. In fact, medical professionals even recommend kids to play these games to become more physically active rather than turn into a couch potato.

· Rehabilitation Games
After a major medical incident, patients need to get started on the rehabilitation road to get back on their road to recovery. Rehabilitation games can be quite useful to help treat patients without medicines and even motivate them to get better each day. Interestingly, games like Wii Fit have even been used successfully to help athletes rehabilitate after major surgery or injury.

· Educational Health Games
These games go a long way in teaching people to take better care of their health in the long run. There are several games like Dentist games, Surgery games and so on, that teach people how to take rudimentary care of their health. Patients also learn about the correct intake of nutrition, protein, etc. to keep them healthy. Medical professionals often recommend these apps to make the patient more aware of how to get better faster.

The above mentioned game categories focuses on the patients and in making sure that they get better soon. However, there are also several other gaming apps that help medical professionals improve their skills as well. This way doctors can improve their skills and keep in touch with the latest happenings in the medical field.

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